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​Fees For Services


​If you are comparing prices of different hypnotherapists please read this first!
​No two hypnotherapists are the same! All hypnotherapists use hypnosis, but the client interview and the therapeutic techniques will vary from therapist to therapist. The effectiveness of the hypnotherapy session will depend on:

  • Your rapport with the hypnotherapist

  • The expertise of the hypnotherapist and whether the techniques they use are a good fit for your life and circumstances

  • Your beliefs and expectations of the session(s)

  • Your ability to engage in thought and behavioural exercises between sessions


I offer a free no-obligation 90 minute consultation to discuss what you wish to achieve and how we might work together 

My therapy sessions are up to 60 minutes. 

Individual Therapy Online

  • Standard sessions: £85 per session

  • 6 Session Package £420

  • 8 Session Package £520

  • 12 Session Package £720

  • Stop Smoking Programme:  £275  (including online support for 3 months)​

You would need to have a good internet connection, and a comfortable place for you to sit or recline where there won't be any interruptions​ 

Cue-Controlled Relaxation Workshops

I offer a free no-obligation taster session where you can experience this technique for yourself and see if it's for you.

  • Single session £15

  • 6 session package £72

  • 12 session package £100

Keep it Real Retreats

Fees are exclusive of accommodation, which varies with venue

  • Weekend Friday evening to Sunday evening  £500 

  • 7 days  £900

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