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I help people who are suffering from physical or emotional pain to feel better, sleep better and take their lives back.

Are You going Through Hard Times?

Have you experienced being betrayed and hurt repeatedly by someone you trusted at a time when you were vulnerable with little or no support?

Have you experienced being the victim of circumstances (or other people) on multiple occasions?

Do you often feel emotionally fatigued, drained of energy and stuck in a rut?

Do you find yourself focusing on ongoing threats and feelings of vulnerability?


Does your mind turn to going over your painful experiences and their aftermath?

Do you get caught up  in “catastrophic thinking” and do things that aren’t good for you to escape your thoughts?

Do you exaggerate the probability of future negative consequences occurring and the adverse effects of events?


Do you ruminate about the ongoing negative implications of your painful experiences or tell yourself that the pain you feel means things like

•    “I am going crazy”, 
•    “I am inferior to other people,”
•    “My life is ruined,”
•    “It is my fault,” 
•    “It will happen again” 
•    “I am helpless”

Do you try to suppress feelings and thoughts about your painful experience?


Have you been unable to properly share your account of your painful experience with supportive others?


Do you suppress thoughts and memories, use substances, isolate yourself and avoid processing of pain-related memories (thus, perpetuating your suffering)?

Do you find yourself unable to recall positive coping memories or what you did to “survive”, or what you were able to accomplish “in spite of” victimization?


Do you have unresolved feelings of anger, disgust, shame, guilt, humiliation, frustration, being slighted, and being abandoned?


Do you experience complicated grief and find yourself unable to engage in “grief work” that honours loved ones who were lost?


Are you caught up in a stressful environment that is unsupportive and that dismisses and rejects  your experience of pain, offers “moving on” statements that secondarily revictimize you?.

Let's talk about how Skillful Practice can help you come back to who you really are.


With You Every Step of the Way


Working one-to one,  we will look at what is happening with you, how it affects you and why this is a problem in your life.  We will look at what keeps this going and what you have done in the past that made things a bit better.

Using this information, we will try out some techniques, find what works for you and work on a plan that will help you take control of your life.

You will never hear me tell you that, if you only change your attitude, your lot will improve.   I will never say "If only you stopped thinking irrationally, your life would be better".

My training does not make me an expert on how you should live, it taught me how to help you become your own therapist.

Contact me and allow me to help you begin to enjoy everything that life has to offer.

Foggy Pier

Drugs and Alcohol

If substance use is affecting your life, your loves, your legal situation or your lucre, then it's a problem.  We will work together to disrupt the vicious cycle that keeps you doing things that bring trouble to your door and I will support you every step on the way towards a more joyful and meaningful life.


Contact me today.

Ducks Over the Lake

Cue Controlled Relaxation

This is a quick and easy technique to help you reduce your stress level and muscle tension.  You will develop a cue , combining words and a gesture, to train your body to let go of muscle tension whenever you want to, just by thinking about it.  Initially, I will guide you in tensing and releasing different muscle groups.  After a little practice, you'll be able to relax your whole body by taking a slow breath and thinking of your cue phrase.  With repetition, you will be able to relax with a thought.​

Call me to discuss this workshop.

Ducks Over the Lake


Skillful Practic Retreats and workshops look at how our avoidance and control strategies serve to make our stress, anxiety and depression worse and explore how:

  • To make Changes that Stick

  • We do workable and unworkable things that affect us

  • To let go of what keeps us stuck

  • To open up to being more flexible

  • To set realistic goals for yourself

  • To bring more of what you really want into your life

  • To look after your SELF care

  • To get a refreshing and re-energising sleep

  • Exercise works with your mind and body

  • What you put in your body affects your mind

  • To find your Flow


We explore our relationships to what we feel and start finding a way to a more joyful and meaningful life.​

Let's Talk.




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