I won't Help You Stop Smoking!


I will help you become a non-smoker.


Research shows that people who really take on the sense, the identity, of being a “non-smoker” have much lower relapse rates – i.e. are more successful, than those who merely say they have stopped smoking. Because if you’ve just stopped you could start again.


But if you are non-smoker then that smoking behaviour isn’t an option. It just isn’t what you do.  That option isn’t there – because you are a non-smoker.


So we will work together on you thinking, feeling and behaving like a non-smoker – and consciously being determined to take on the mind-set, the attitude, the behaviour and the identity of a non-smoker.

Multi-Component Approach  

We will use a multi-component approach which employs a wide range of techniques which have been proven to work in clinical research studies. In other words, we’ll attack this habit from as many angles as possible, and “throw the book at it.”

It’s important that you realise that many people crack the habit just by using one of these techniques. There may be some ideas or techniques that work better for you than others, that’s just natural. You don’t need to respond to everything, just some things.

You can do it if you approach things with determination and stick to the plan of action we agree together.


From the moment we start working together, you will be on a one-way street – and, by the time we finish, you will be a non-smoker.