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  • Kevin Patton


Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Life can be extremely busy. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and emotional from all the demands made on us and our time. To make things easier for ourselves, it’s helpful to consider in advance what we are going to do each day, PACE ourselves and PLAN to do a healthy balance of activities which include work, rest and play.

The hare thought she was the speediest thing on four legs, so she challenged the tortoise to a race. The hare sped off at the starting gun. The tortoise just trundled along. Further along the track, the hare was exhausted and decided to have a quick sleep. She settled down and dozed off.

The tortoise strolled by eventually, and tip-toed past the hare so as not to wake her. The race continued, and slowly, the tortoise got towards the finish line. There was still no sign of the hare. The tortoise was given the trophy for winning the race.

Suddenly, the hare came hurtling round the corner shouting “ I win! I win!” When she saw the tortoise holding the trophy, she could not believe her eyes. The tortoise laughed, saying “PLAN and PACE win the race!”

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