Body Scan

Combining the power of hypnosis with the science of CBT and the wisdom of mindfulness, I will guide you through a set of powerful relaxation, mental imagery, self-instruction and  focused attention exercises.   


In these sessions, you will learn how to recognise tension in your body and how muscle tension and emotional tension are related.

Using this skills-based approach, you will become adept at letting go of tension in your body so that you sleep better, feel better and start taking your life back.

Calm Sea
Dandelion Parachute Seed


In these sessions, you will learn to use breathing to increase your awareness of your inner experience, to release tension and to relax.

You will practise how to use breathing to reduce or eliminate the impact that stress has on your mind and body.

Cue-controlled Desensitsation

We will work together to strengthen and develop your ability to reduce your emotional responsiveness to a negative or adversive stimulus such as a something that makes you angry or afraid, or the memory of some traumatic experience.   

Calm Sea


You will develop the ability to use self-suggestion for deep relaxation and positive change.

You will learn how to overcome anxiety and its attendant illnesses.

You will become adept at focusing your attention and harnessing your imagination to alleviate problems such as insomnia. 


You will become adept at recognising, managing and balancing the emotions you feel without becoming overwhelmed by them.  You will be able to make a conscious decision to change how you feel  by choosing to act or think differently.

Dandelion Parachute Seed
Two Dried Leaves


You will develop the ability to respect yourself and others, becoming more effective in expressing your beliefs and needs, setting limits and finding solutions in your dealings with others.  By improving your relationships, you will increase your ability to communicate well and increase your coping and confidence.